Why do girls like to be nude at home?

Posted in Hot tips December 25th, 2010

Why do girls like to be nude at home?

Girls always are into trying out different things, experiencing everything in this short human life so they will be able to decide who their partners for a lifetime should be and how to handle different situations that could unexpectedly occur in everyday life.

Being nude at home isn’t something new. It gives you several benefits and experiences you should definitely try.

Girls often enjoy the feeling of being nude at home. I don’t say men never do that, but girls do it more often. The feeling of the human body being nude gives you the sensation of being in harmony with yourself. It allows you to jump in the front of your mirror and see how perfect and good your body is, giving you more confidence. Of course girls can easily have sex if their boyfriends or lovers come by, so they don’t need clothes.

Probably you were thinking thathot women rarely masturbate or rarely finger themselves. Well it is true that almost every guy jacks off daily, but women are also like that, they have sexual desires and the only difference is having a vagina instead of a penis. Of course, they also have tits and the superb capability of having multiple orgasms easily.

Before a girl gets horny and starts playing with her pussy, she has to take off her shoes and everything from the lower side of the body. That may be annoying sometimes, so they rather stay nude and do whatever they need to do.

We often see scenes in movies when a girl is walking around nude in her room while the neighbor spies on her, falls into her and gets horny and starts masturbating. We’re all laughing at movie scenes like that but it is based on reality. Of course women have pride and ego too. They feel better if they can have the sensation of being wanted by so many men and being almost impossible to get. This is what makes them feel proud, strong and special.

Freedom is another thing that is inseparable from women. They all want to feel like they are free and have the possibility to do whatever they imagined in this life. Being nude, separating your body of other objects (like clothes) always gives you a cool sensation and a sensation of complete freedom.

As girls are always different, they will always find new reasons and explanations for why it is good to be nude at home. That is completely normal and it always was!

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